Published on December 23, 2020

New form helper

This release includes a new form helper, inspired by the form helper included in Jetstream. Here's how to use it:

  <form @submit.prevent="'/login')">
    <!-- email -->
    <input type="text" v-model="" />
    <div v-if="">{{ }}</div>
    <!-- password -->
    <input type="password" v-model="form.password" />
    <div v-if="form.errors.password">{{ form.errors.password }}</div>
    <!-- remember me -->
    <input type="checkbox" v-model="form.remember" /> Remember Me
    <!-- submit -->
    <button type="submit" :disabled="form.processing">Login</button>

export default {
  data() {
    return {
      form: this.$inertia.form({
        email: null,
        password: null,
        remember: false,

It also comes with a form.reset() helper for resetting the form back to its original state. Or, if you want to only reset specific fields, you can call form.reset('field', 'anotherfield').

Also, in the event that you're uploading files, the current progress event is available at form.progress, which makes it really easy to show upload progress in your views:

<progress :value="form.progress.percentage" max="100">{{ form.progress.percentage }}%</progress>

Also, if you need to modify the data before it's sent to the server, you can do this via the transform() function:

  .transform((data) => ({,
    remember: data.remember ? 'on' : '',

Improved validation error handling

This release adds a new optional resolveErrors setting. You can read more about this in the corresponding Inertia release).

Update Inertia dependency - BREAKING CHANGE ⚠️

When upgrading to this release, be sure to also upgrade @inertiajs/inertia to v0.8.0.